Open Says Me: The Business Proposition of Open Licensing 


Open used to be simply the opposite of closed, however, in the digital age that is no longer exactly true. Many people think that when it comes to software and instructional materials, open means free. Well, it is not that simple as there are many ways to define Open. In this show we will explore the business models that involve Open content and the many dimensions of what it means to be Open. We’ll discuss how existing publishers can join the Open movement and the emerging business models around Open.

Reference Links: IMSEd WebIDPFOpenEd ConferenceAAPSIAAOpen Licensing Requirement for Direct Grant Programs

Guests at the table:

  1. Kathy Perkins, Director of PhET Interactive Simulations at University of Colorado Boulder
  2. Randall Reina, Working at the crossroads of educational technology, systems interoperabilty, and organizational development
  3. Marc Oswald, Co-founder and CEO of Open Assessment Technologies


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