Passing Judgement:

How Your Instructional Assets are Being Reviewed.

Hosted by Bridget Foster

Aired December 15th, 2015 

While many educators use teaching materials they find and adapt there is still an important role for thoughtful evaluation and review of resources, particularly those that will receive the blessing of a governing agency. These reviews can make it easier or considerably more difficult for a product to gain a toe hold and grow share in a very competitive marketplace. Of course, creating a quality product that addresses an educational need is usually a prerequisite. On this show our guests will bring the perspective reflected in their respective review and evaluation processes as they share with listeners what they and the educators they represent look for in a quality educational offering.


Reference Links: SXSWedu, Teaching and Learning Conference, AASASIAA

Guests at the table:

  1. Jackie Lain, Founder and President at Learning List
  2. Cristina Marks, Associate Director, State Policy & Implementation Support at Achieve 
  3. Karl Rectanus, Cofounder & CEO at Learn Trials 



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