As easy as Eh, B, C: A look at pK-12 Education in Canada

A look at pK-12 Education in Canada.

Aired February 23rd, 2016 

The US and Canada are two countries divided by much more than a common border. Despite what many in the US believe, Canada is not only a different country, it has very different education policies and traditions. Governance may seem similar to that in the US, however the context and implications can be very different. Understanding these differences and commonalities may make apparent cross border product opportunities or challenge misconceptions that could lead to costly business errors. On this month’s Education Table Talk we will explore the nature of the Canadian education system and some of the unique opportunities and sand traps to help our listeners engage in more informed cross border business.

Guests at the table:

  1. Robert Martellacci, Founder and President at Mindshare Learning
  2. Michael Canuel, CEO at LEARN
  3. Terri Reid, Learning Services Coordinator at Black Gold Regional Schools

Listen now:

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