What’s left in the budget?: 

School need and purchases in the Spring

Aired April 26th, 2016 on Blog Talk Radio 

Even in the best organization budgeting can be a dark art. In pK-12 schools, however, the magic takes on a special character. Our guests will discuss the dynamics of school purchases at this time of the year. It used to be that educators could play more free and loose with end of the year funds, however, regulations about how funds are allocated and spent and associated planning mean that there is strategy as to how end of the fiscal year funds become available to address items that otherwise fall between the cracks. In this Education Table Talk we will discuss what sorts of products educators and schools are looking for this time of the year and what funds are available to purchase those products.

Guests at the table:

  1. Larry Buchweitz, Director of Sales at MCH Strategic Data
  2. Joyce Whitby, National Vice President of Sales, SchoolMessenger
  3. Edwin Wargo, CEO & Founder, 3rd Quote

Listen Now:

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