You say seat-time, I say competency: 

Let’s call the whole thing off!

Airs June 23rd @ 11amPT, 2016 on Blog Talk Radio 

By definition, school is a place for learning… or is it? The average child in the US spends a fair bit of their waking hours at school and does so from the age of 5-6 to 17-18. This sounds like more of a sentence than an opportunity to learn! An yet, much of our culture depends on children being occupied with school during the work day. in this show we will explore with three education industry experts what education looks like when children are not ‘doing time’ but instead have the opportunity to advance at their pace based on their ability to show they have learned what is required of them. What does this mean for your products and how you assess student understanding? How can your organization prepare to take advantages this model creates. Join us at The Table!

Guests at the table:
  1. Christi Wright, Curriculum Manager, Florida Virtual School
  2. David Adams, Chief Academic Officer, Edmentum
  3. Doug Stein, Chief Tech Officer, Metacog (and Victory Productions)


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