My product received an award…

How can I milk it for all its worth?

Aired July 28th @ 11amPT, 2016 on Blog Talk Radio 

“And the award goes to…” then you hear your product and company name called. Your friends pat you on the back and your competitors look on with envy. You’ve won an award, now what do you do? In this episode of EdTableTalk we will discuss with our industry experts just what you can do to make the most of that award… turn it into sales, reward for the development team, increase the value of your comapny, and much more. We’ll address how much customers value awards and how who gives the award influences that value. We’ll even touch on what you can do to increase the chances of getting an award and how to accept winning and losing with grace… OK maybe that last one, not so much! We look forward to having you join us at The Table for ‘My product received an award… How can I milk it for all its worth?’

Guests at the table:
  1. Jacob Hanson, Managing Partner, Panache!
  2. Randy Wilhelm, CEO and Founder, Knovation
  3. Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director, Tech & Learning 


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