If there is no high stakes test, is it still important?:

Fine and Performing Arts

Aired August 25th, 2016 on Blog Talk Radio 

When we call someones bluff we often say, “Put your money where your mouth is”. Well, when it comes to arts education in pK-12 most governmental agencies just haven’t anted up. There are several arts initiatives and arts have even been added to STEM creating a lot of STEAM. Yet, we all know that in this age of deliver or die education, curricula that are tested get most of the attention in what is taught in our schools. In this month’s Education Table Talk we will discuss the state of Fine and Performing Arts in pK-12 education as the first of several shows addressing If there is no high stakes test, is it still important? What exciting initiatives are underway, where are the opportunities, and how freeing working in an area without high stakes nationwide assessment can be.

Guests at the table:
  1. Susan McGreevy-NicholsExecutive Director/CEO, National Dance Education Organization
  2. Paul Reynolds, CEO Co-Founder, FableVision
  3. Cheri Sterman, Director, Education Crayola


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