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Education Table Talk (ETT) is a radio show about the education market that pushes the envelope with thought provoking topics, leading edge thinkers, preK-12 market insight, and a dash of humor for flavor!

Host, Michael Jay, leads lively segments with three industry leading guests exploring some of the most controversial issues facing preK-12 education. Ed Table Talk sprang from the idea that some of the most fruitful and insightful conversations happen in a free form discussion with the right mix of individuals over an impromptu meal.

How do we coerce our guests into participating at The Table? It’s easy… we don’t! Our guests are leaders in the Education sector who are interested in sharing their knowledge and expertise with the Education community. Ed Table Talk provides a forum where we lay issues critical to education around the table for a spirited debate. You may not be allowed to play with your food but food for thought is another matter. The format is designed to facilitate exploration of various facets of a topic and increase awareness among those involved in preK-12 education. During one segment we ask our guests to share why they’ve decided to donate a Donor’s Choose project of their choice.

Reflecting the interrelated nature of education topics, the host and guests deliberate different aspects of the industry including educational technology, early childhood education, instructional design, digital asset management, user interface, marketing, project management, product distribution, education research, school finance, legislation, industry events, and much more. The scope of the discussion ranges from preK-12 and includes all types of learning institutions, public and private, virtual and brick & mortar, progressive and traditional.

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Host Michael Jay

Ed Table Talk host Michael Jay
Ed Table Talk host Michael Jay

A long time educator, Michael started his career teaching Physics and Chemistry in California where he also worked in developing the first set of Technology in the Curriculum materials for the State of California. In 1986, he joined Apple Computer’s Classroom of Tomorrow (ACOT) research and development project and later served as Apple’s Education Competitive Analyst where he lead major curriculum related marketing initiatives. He remained a contributor to science education through many projects including being one of the authors of California’s ground breaking Science Framework of 1990.

Michael left Apple Computer in 1993 to pursue the development of a technology that dynamically indicates the relationship between curriculum, curriculum standards, and instructional resources for which he received patents in 1998. As founder of Mediaseek Technologies, Inc. he laid the groundwork for many of the innovations in standards implementation and instructional resource integration that followed.

Today, Michael is President of Educational Systemics, Inc. In addition to his responsibilities leading that organization. Michael regularly participates in conferences where he addresses challenging education topics. As part of his commitment to effecting thoughtful and systemic change in pK-12 education, he founded Education Table Talk. Michael is an education evangelist committed to bringing intriguing and controversial topics to ‘the table’ for those working toward improving education for all children.


Educational Systemics


Founded in 2001 by Michael Jay & Mary LeDonne, Educational Systemics is committed through their work with institutions and corporations to create lasting change in the pK-12 Industry. Their diverse expertise includes educational and corporate leadership, market analysis, content development, instructional design, and tested knowledge of the complex dynamics of pK-12 education. This, coupled with a systemic approach, generates success for their clients while advancing their vision for educational improvement. Companies looking to innovate and/or prepare their organizations and products for the future, while generating revenue today, turn to Educational Systemics for guidance and assistance.

Educational Systemics takes pride in their active involvement in the Education Publishing and Technology community. Educational Systemics’ personnel participate in various organizations and initiatives throughout the US and globally while also supporting local businesses and decreasing our carbon footprint by changing how we do business. For more information on how we can help you reach your vision, contact us at: www.edusystemics.com, today!

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Michael Jay
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