May 2015, Museums are no dinosaur!

Museums and New Instructional Resources  

We’ve all experienced the museum as a place to go as a member of an elementary class or on a stormy weekend day. In the internet age, museums have an audience far beyond those who walk through the doors. Museums have a long history of creating resources to help teachers plan a class visit and materials for students that extend their visit into the classroom and home. In this show, we will explore a new generation of museums that provide rich experiences for learners that leverage the museums expertise and collections to extend their reach and impact on learners. We will hear how they plan and create those assets and discuss how they have or would like to work with publishers to increase the the reach and integration of their offerings into school practices.

Reference links: Museum EdSmithsonian Learning LabCECA, ASTC, NAEA, GLS

Guests at the table:

  1. Kris Wetterlund, Director of Education and Interpretation at Corning Museum of Glass
  2. Dr. Marjee Chmiel, Associate Director of Curriculum and Communications at Smithsonian Science Education Center
  3. Melissa Wadman, Manager of Program Evaluation at the Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access


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