June 2015, Instructional Snowflakes

Differentiating Your Product Under Common Core 

Constraints need not lead to conformity. We all learn that no two snowflakes are alike and yet the properties that dictate how liquid water crystalizes are the same for each. The Common Core are a set of standards that leave room for considerable educational creativity and even demand that students delve deeper into English Language Arts (ELA) and Math content and processes than was common prior to these standards. The tendency, however, is to view the standards as what should be taught rather than what students should learn and, even then, just the minimum of what they should learn. Our guests on this show will share how they have accommodated and possibly embraced Common Core as they create products that improve student learning and support educators in the shift to Common Core.

Reference Links: Ed Tech Developers Guide, ISTE, Plain Talk About Literacy and Learning, iNCOL , NCSM, Frankfurt Book Fair

Guests at the table:

  1. Polly Stansell, SVP Strategy & Product Development at Voyager Learning
  2. Janet Pittock, VP Curriculum at Redbird Advanced Learning
  3. Michael Golden, CEO at Educurious


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